Former DCA Chief, MH370 Steward’s Widow Ask Abbott “Why Now?” over MH370 Claim

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The former chief of local aviation regulator Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman has questioned the motive of ex-Australian prime minister Tony Abbott for his revelation on the missing Flight MH370.

Azharuddin, who was the director-general for the Department of Civil Aviation (now Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia), said by claiming that Putrajaya had told him that it was a murder-suicide, Abbott will only rekindle painful memories for the victims’ next-of-kin.

“The theory of mass murder-suicide was one of the theories, but it has yet to be proven,” the chairman of the MH370 High-Level Technical Task Force was quoted saying.

“I met Abbott during the course of MH370 investigations, but I have never confirmed such theories nor spoken to him personally.


“He claimed the top leadership in Malaysia then told him so — ask him who are those people are. I am surprised he is raising this theory now — for what purpose, I do not know,” he added.

Meanwhile, the wife of a steward onboard MH370 has lashed out at Abbott for claiming that the pilot could have committed mass murder.

Jacquita Gonzales also questioned Abbott’s motive for making the claim at this time.

The wife of Patrick Gomes, Jacquita is furious with Abbott for not revealing this earlier, arguing that it could have led to follow-up investigations.

“Who do we go after now? He had the opportunity to put the matter to rest when he was the prime minister, but he didn’t take it.


“I wish he could have said it earlier. It’s is very frustrating, and it is unfair that he says it now,” she was quoted as saying.

Jacquita added that if Abbott had gone on record earlier, the next-of-kin wouldn’t have to endure the pain which they go through at every anniversary of the missing flight.

She also said that Abbott’s revelation, six years after the incident, has made it very difficult to believe, especially as there is no evidence to support it.

“I don’t know what to say, with all the back and forth, it is so hard to accept (what Abbott is saying).”

She also said that Abbott’s remarks have given her the impression that high-ranking government officials were in cahoots, with each of them giving the next of kin “false information”.

“If it was indeed the pilot’s doing, why didn’t they just come out and say it? Were they afraid of hurting us?”

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