Here’s why it took 4 years to expose 1MDB scandal, Justo tells Najib

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Xavier Andre Justo, who grabbed headlines after leaking 1MDB-related documents, has explained why there was a four-year gap between his resignation from PetroSaudi International and approaching the media with evidence on the scandal-plagued investment firm.

In a lengthy Facebook response to former prime minister Najib Razak, the Swiss national said he and his then partner had arrived in Thailand at the end of 2011 and purchase a house and a plot of land to build a resort. Justo had resigned from the oil and gas company earlier that year.

Justo added that “he was quite busy” after getting married in 2013 and having a child in 2015.

“It was not until the meeting with The Edge and Clare in early 2015 that I discovered the size of the 1MDB corruption machine and the involvement of Jho Low and you (Najib),” he said, referring to Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, fugitive financier Low Taek Jho and Najib, respectively.

Najib had earlier questioned why Justo had waited four years after his resignation to approach the media if he was in fact a “whistleblower and not a blackmailer or thief”.

Justo also brushed off Najib’s insinuation that he was a blackmailer following an interview he gave to Al Jazeera in which the former said he was unsure if he would have “exposed” the 1MDB scandal if PetroSaudi had paid the 2.5 million Swiss francs which were owed to him.

Justo said he was merely being honest, adding that he might not have checked all the documents in his possession if he had recovered his money.

“Honesty! That’s something that you may find difficult to comprehend, but honesty and principles are my guidelines!”

Justo also said he did not blackmail anyone after Najib pointed out that he had been jailed for three years in Thailand for such an offence.

“I just wanted what was owed to me as it has been shown many times.”

He alleged that some form of corruption had led to his imprisonment.

Replying to a question by Najib as to why he did not appeal his conviction, Justo said it was included in his criminal complaint and “for obvious reasons cannot be exposed publicly”.

Justo then told Najib to stop harassing him.

“It’s embarrassing for you and it takes up a lot of my time!”

The spat between Justo and Najib was ignited after the Pekan MP claimed that Justo was fired from PetroSaudi for “personal reasons” when responding to claims by Rewcastle Brown that he had Justo jailed in Thailand.

Justo in response accused Najib of writing lies. – FMT

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