IGP: “Impossible” That Jho Low Hiding in UAE, Just Lies

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Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador today rubbished reports that Jho Low was hiding in the United Arab Emirates.

Hamid dismissed as a lie and a fairy tale the recent claim that Jho Low is in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Slamming the report, he said it was not a logical claim and that it was impossible for such a known person to be wanted in so many countries and be involved in a notorious crime to easily enter the UAE.

He said the report seemed to suggest that the UAE does not have proper security measures, so much so that even a wanted person could freely enter and hide there.

Hamid said the UAE has a strict security system, including controls at the airport, in addition to well-established cooperation with the Royal Malaysia Police.

“I do not know who originated this story and I am interested in meeting this person. I would like to say we know the whereabouts of Jho Low (as Low is known) but some people are protecting him… please give me some time.


“I will not stop trying to track down and bring back these criminals. If he is not a criminal or abused, there is no need to panic and please return. I guarantee he will be treated by the law,” he said.

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