Jho Low Now Holds Cyprus Passport, Citizenship, Building Grand Hideaway Home

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Reports have emerged that Jho Low is now moving around under a Cypriot passport.

  • Invested in property worth €5 million in Cyprus
  • Low’s €5 million grand villa on the island will be handed over to him within the next two months
  • Low was granted the passport despite a background check on him raised several red flags

According to Cyprus-based Greek-language newspaper Politis, Low had also been a Cyprus citizen for the past four years.

The report, reproduced by the Sarawak Report blog, said Low had obtained the passport through well-known citizenship and passport broker Henley & Partners in 2015.

The firm had previously commissioned a passport from the Caribbean island nation of St Kitts & Nevis.

According to Politis, Low had arrived in Cyprus on Sept 18, 2015, and obtained his fast-tracked passport through the council of ministers two days later under an investment scheme after investing in some property in the Famagusta district said to be worth €5 million (RM23.2 million).

He was not wanted at the time in connection with the 1MDB scandal. Interpol did not issue a red notice until a year later.

It is said that Low bought an unfinished villa worth €5 million (RM23 million) in Cyprus to fulfil the conditions on Sept 23, 2015.

The keys to Low’s villa will be handed over within the next two months.

The report said Low was granted the passport despite a background check report on him raised several red flags.

The background check had raised concerns about Low’s status as a politically exposed person and his alleged money laundering activities as well as fraud and regulatory breaches.

The report said Henly & Partners did not respond to a request for comments.

The claim that Low holds a passport and citizenship from the Mediterranean nation comes days after reports that Low had been offered asylum in the United Arab Emirates and had been shuttling between the Middle East and Europe since June.

However, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said it was “illogical and impossible” for the fugitive businessman who is wanted for the “crime of the century” in the 1MDB scandal, to enter the UAE so easily.

The top cop said this as the Middle East nation has a very tight security system at its airport and the police over there work very closely with their counterparts in Malaysia.

Low faces charges in the United States as well as Malaysia over his alleged central role in the 1MDB scandal.