Jho Low Reacts to Singapore’s Allegations

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Jho Low claims attempts to link him to Yeo Jiawei’s guilty plea to money laundering and cheating charges related to 1MDB are politically motivated.

Responding to Singapore authorities’ allegations that he is a “key person of interest” in their 1MDB probe and that he used money traceable to 1MDB for his own benefit, Jho Low claimed that the allegations are politically motivated.

Yesterday, former banker Yeo Jiawei pleaded guilty to money laundering and cheating and was sentenced to 54 months in jail in a 1MDB-linked case.

He was said to have close ties with Low and had left BSI to work for Low and in 15 months accumulated a net worth of more than S$20 million (RM62 million) through “secret profits”.

Singapore police identified Jho Low as a “key person of interest” in their 1MDB probe.

Prosecutor Nathaniel Khng said yesterday, “The main victim in this case is 1MDB. Jho Low has gone missing from the public eye.”


A press statement issued by Low’s spokesperson read:

“Any attempts to link Mr Low to the recent guilty pleas by parties allegedly making secret profits are based on unfounded assumptions.

This is an example of overreach with a politically motivated and selectively chosen narrative alleging 1MDB as a “victim”, when it has been clearly stated by the Malaysian authorities that there has been no evidence of any misappropriation of 1MDB funds.

No wrongdoing has been proved in any jurisdiction relating to the alleged misappropriation of 1MDB funds, and this development in Singapore does not change that.

Mr Low is confident that any impartial party presented with the complete facts will see that the allegations are flawed, biased and create an inaccurate picture.”

Prior to the press statement, it has been a while since the world heard from Low, whose whereabouts are allegedly “unknown”.

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