St Michael’s Student Cheats Death When Ceiling Fan Falls on Him

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In a freak mishap, a student escaped with minor injuries when a ceiling fan fell and struck his face.

An 18-year-old Form Six student from SMK St Michael, Ipoh, cheated death when a ceiling fan fell and hit his face today.

“I remember hearing a single clicking sound right before it fell. I was in shock and had no idea what hit me. There was a lot of blood,” said Sam Ming Hui.

The Star

The Star reported that he was taken to the hospital by his father Sam Yau Seng, who said he imagined the worst when the school contacted him to inform him what happened to his eldest child.

Yau Seng, 45, described the 10-minute drive from his workplace to the school as “torture”.

“It was only when I saw him that I realised how lucky he is to have only sustained a gash on his face. Two inches more and he would have been blind. Three inches more and he would have died,” the father said.

Yau Seng, a mechanic, hoped the school will step up the maintenance of its facilities.

Meanwhile, school principal T Gunalan said that the fan fell because of a snapped bolt in the mounting device, adding that such an incident is almost unheard of.

“It would not have been detected during servicing by our electrician. This is a most unexpected and unfortunate thing to have happened to our student,” he said.

The Star

Gunalan, who gauged the broken fan to be a decade old, said both fans in the classroom were immediately replaced after the incident.

“The electricians have also checked the other fans at the block of classrooms. Further checks around the school will be carried out tomorrow,” he said.

The principal added that maintenance was not an issue at the school as its board of governors and Parent-Teacher Association provided ample funds for this purpose.