Kangar MP apologises to Najib over FB post

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A Pakatan Harapan MP has apologised for claiming that former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak bade farewell to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is recuperating at the National Heart Institute (IJN).

Kangar MP Amin Ahmad recently shared a screenshot on his Facebook account supposedly showing a post by Najib saying “Selamat jalan?” (Is this goodbye?) to his former mentor.

Amin admitted his negligence and said he would seek legal advice regarding purported misuse of his Facebook content.

Dr Mahathir was readmitted to IJN after he was discharged following an elective procedure.

On Saturday (Jan 22), it was rumoured that Dr Mahathir was in critical condition.

However, later in the evening, his daughter Marina Mahathir issued a statement saying that her father’s condition was stable.

Amin admitted his mistake in a Facebook post on Monday (Jan 24).

“I admit this is my mistake…(it was) driven by resentment (that) such comments could be made against the sick, despite different political views,” he said.

“Yesterday DS Najib…left a comment on my FB to show his activity log which proved the status shared by me…was not true.

“I admitted my mistake in sharing the screenshot and took it down,” he added.

Earlier on Monday morning, Najib threatened to sue Amin if he did not delete his Facebook post and apologise.

“After reading the comments in my post and the post of the Kangar PH MP regarding the defamation ‘Selamat jalan?’, I have instructed my lawyer to start the defamation suit process against the PH MP and a personal assistant if they do not delete the post and apologise today.

“It’s hard to believe that when Atuk (Dr Mahathir) is sick, people are still able to play such slander just because (of) politics?

“People accused me, I denied it.

“They asked me to show my Facebook activity log to prove that I didn’t post it, and I did.

“But they still don’t want to apologise.

“Some say the activity log can be edited.

“Strangely, how is it possible for activity logs to be edited but not screenshots?

“For that reason, I will sue both of them so that my lawyer can show them the original activity log in court to satisfy them.

“Any compensation received will be given as assistance to the people,” Najib wrote on Facebook.