Man Roasted on Twitter over ‘Spoilt Milk’ Video

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A Malaysian man took to Twitter his frustration over a box of spoilt chocolate flavoured milk has, in turn, been slammed by fellow social media users.

The man had taken popular brand Dutch Lady in a video that has gone viral ever since it was posted on January 17.

The short video clip, which has garnered over half-a-million views, showed the man opening a 1-litre packet of Dutch Lady Purefarm chocolate milk and pouring its curdled content into a bowl.


In the slightly over a minute video clip, the consumer said he bought the chocolate milk two months ago, but it was already spoilt despite the expiry date being July 2019.

However, those who watched the video found the scenario suspicious and slammed the individual for not storing the dairy product properly.

A Twitter user, Ms Fea, commented on the post questioning why would someone buy milk when the box was already bloated.

“I think it is already stated on the box that you shouldn’t open it if there are any signs of defect on the container,” Ms Fea commented in Malay.

“Secondly, it is also possible that the milk was opened in the first place, but left it out of the fridge for too long.”

She also questioned the consumer for cutting the side of the box instead of just opening the lid.

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd, however, announced on January 18 that it found no problem with its product after the company conducted the necessary test on the milk of the same batch code.

Although the tests result showed no quality deviations, the company added that further investigation was still underway to identify the root cause of the matter. – MMO