Najib demands Muhyiddin answer ‘rumour’ about court meddling

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Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak has sent a legal letter to Muhyiddin Yassin, also a former prime minister, demanding the latter to answer about an allegation concerning Najib and his ongoing criminal trials.

In a Facebook post this afternoon, Najib announced that Muhyiddin is given until tomorrow to respond if he (Muhyiddin) was responsible for spreading a rumour – where Najib was alleged of having made a request for the Muhyiddin to meddle in Najib’s court cases.

Najib said the letter of demand to Muhyiddin was sent as Bersatu information chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan said he had heard about the rumour, which led to the latter naming Najib on Facebook last month.

“When I demanded (Wan Saiful) to prove it in court, now they say that they only learned it from rumours. No proof and that he was merely asking a question (on Facebook) and wanted to give me an opportunity to answer.

“They (Wan Saiful’s lawyers) said this was their right under the Federal Constitution to ask questions. That was Wan Saiful’s response (to my legal letter).

“So, by referring to the official answer sent by Wan Saiful’s lawyers, my lawyer has also sent a letter of demand to PM8. I am demanding him to answer clearly if he was the one who spread the ‘rumours’ about me to Wan Saiful.

“I also demanded him to elaborate when and how I made such a request to meddle in my court cases,” said Najib.

For the record, Najib served as the country’s sixth Prime Minister between 2009 and 2018, while Muhyiddin was the country’s eighth premier who served from March 2020 until his resignation last month.

On Aug 3, Muhyiddin, who was still the prime minister, claimed that some of his critics had demanded him to interfere in their court cases.

Muhyiddin, however, did not name any individual in his claim.

Following this, Wan Saiful on Aug 5 posted on his Facebook account saying there were claims that Najib had requested Muhyiddin to change the panel of Court of Appeal judges who are hearing his criminal case.

On the same day, Najib had countered Wan Saiful’s allegation via a Facebook post. He then had his lawyer send a letter of demand to Wan Saiful to answer about the allegation. – Malaysiakini