New Video on Kim Jong-nam’s Final Moments Emerges

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As the Jong-nam murder trial enters its second week, a new video has surfaced showing the last moments of the victim’s life.

The footage reviewed by the Associated Press on Monday and, according to a report in today, was first broadcast by Japan’s Fuji TV last Sunday, is apparently a Malaysian airport security video.

The video shows an apparently unconscious Jong-nam on a stretcher and being pumped with oxygen by medical attendants as they wait for an elevator to take him to an ambulance.


“It takes more than a minute to arrive and during that time, the attendants, in green uniforms, appear to talk while one squeezes a resuscitation device strapped to Kim’s face.

“After the elevator doors open, the group still doesn’t leave for nearly another minute.


“One of the attendants, who doesn’t join the others in the elevator, tries to leave the secure area through a door but discovers it is locked. She is given a cellphone by one of the attendants in the elevator, apparently to call for assistance, but walks back to the elevator again for a brief discussion,” reported.

According to the report, Fuji TV also broadcast another security video that it said showed one of the accused woman, Siti Aisyah, meeting with a man believed to be a North Korean agent at an airport cafe shortly before the attack took place.

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