Machete-Wielding Trader Chases Robbers with Toy Gun

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A mobile phone shop owner turned the tables on two robbers armed with a fake gun, chasing them with a machete.

The 36-year-old proprietor identified only as Tan said he was suspicious when the two men entered his shop, the Oriental Daily reported.

“One of the men asked me if I was alone in the shop, while the other one pretended that he wanted to sell me his phone. They kept talking nonsense, that’s why I knew something was wrong,” Tan was quoted as saying.

In the CCTV footage which has gone viral on social media shows the gun-toting robber fleeing with Tan wielding a machete charging at him.

The attempted robbery took place in Puchong at about 5.45pm on Saturday.

“The pistol was too new and too intricate to the extent that it looked like an airsoft or a toy gun. Besides, when he pulled the slide, it sounded rather like a plastic gun instead of a metal gun. That’s how I knew it was fake,” Tan said, according to the report.

Rakaman CCTV kes samun bersenjata di sebuah kedai telefon bimbit di Puchong Utama pada 7 October 2017..#inforoadblock

Posted by Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS on Monday, October 9, 2017