PKR Didn’t Sack You, You Left – Fahmi Reminds Edmund

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PKR did not sack Edmund Santhara on his birthday on April 3, said party communications director Fahmi Fadzil.

He instead left the party earlier on Feb 24, said Fahmi.

In a posting on his official Twitter account this morning, the Lembah Pantai MP dismissed the claim by the deputy federal territories minister Santhara that party president Anwar Ibrahim handed a dismissal letter to him (Santhara) on the day of his birthday, April 3.

“Dear Santhara, the party didn’t sack you on your birthday. You declared you left the party on Feb 24. By Article 9(1)(c) of the party constitution, you were automatically no longer a PKR member.

“The letter you received on April 3 acknowledged you’ve left the party on Feb 24,” Fahmi said in the Twitter post, which is enclosed with a copy of Article 9(1)(c).

The said party constitution provision states that a PKR member loses membership when the member personally declares leaving the party, among others.

Also enclosed in Fahmi’s Twitter post was a screenshot of an article by Astro Awani dated Feb 24 in regard to former PKR members Azmin Ali and 10 others leaving the party to form an independent bloc in Parliament.

Since then, Azmin has joined Bersatu and is now international trade and industry minister, among others.

In a report carried by Malaysiakini today, Santhara expressed his gratitudeto Port Dickson MP Anwar for allegedly expelling him from the party on his birthday, April 3.

“I would like to thank the PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, a good gentleman. He has given me a termination letter, sacking me (from PKR) on my birthday on April 3.

“That was a birthday gift. I would like to thank him for that,” Santhara claimed in an interview with Malaysiakini and KiniTV on Thursday.

He said this when he was asked to confirm whether he has joined Bersatu as an associate or affiliate member. – Malaysiakini