Poetic Justice: Dog Abuser Loses Business Deal

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Terry Yee might be kicking himself for kicking the dog after a US company dropped his firm as a distributor.

  • Singapore businessman brutal bashing of dog
  • Osprey Packs cuts ties with Terry Yee
  • Yee apologises, claims he “snapped” after being “attacked” by dog

In the Apr 2 incident, a CCTV recording which has since gone viral showed Yee falling off his bicycle when the dog broke free from its leash at the guardhouse and rushed at him. Yee caught the dog and punched and kicked it repeatedly. He also hit the dog with a crash helmet.

Yee has since apologised, claiming that he “snapped” after being “attacked:” by the dog several times before. He also uploaded videos of his own dog in support of his professed love for animals.

According to the security guard, Yee’s claims of having been previously attacked by Furby were untrue and residents familiar with the dog have described it as friendly and harmless.

Yee came under intense public criticism for his brutal bashing of the dog and his business is now the target of boycotts.