Police Urged to Probe Datuk Seri’s Company

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Bukit Tunku assemblyperson Lau Weng San slammed police for inaction against company linked to Datuk Seri Nicky Liow Soon Hee over alleged investment scams. 

  • Liow’s Winner Dynasty allegedly involved in investment scams
  • Lau’s list of 3 other investment scam companies – FB Coin GA, How Lian Global, Yayasan PBI Sedunia
  • Victims said to have lost hundreds of thousands of ringgit
  • Reports lodged but no action from the police
  • Companies still operating, seemingly unaffected by the law, recruiting new members

The Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) has been asked to probe an investment company which involves Liow, who was charged with assaulting three Rela officers.

Amirul Syafiq Mohd Din/Sunpix

Lau went to the CCID offices in Kuala Lumpur yesterday to present a letter urging the police to act on Liow’s company called Winner Dynasty and three other investment companies.

He said the four companies, which did not target Malaysian but only Chinese nationals living in the country, might have been overlooked by the CCID.

On Tuesday, CCID chief Datuk Amar Singh issued a list 30 investment scam companies that are being investigated.

“In the list of 30 companies, three of the four companies that I am bringing up to them had not been mentioned, which means that investigations on the companies either have stalled or no investigation has been carried out,” he said at a press conference.

He added that police reports from scam victims had been made against these companies but there has been no response from the police.

“A lot of the victims who were cheated and had made police reports are losing hope that they will never get their money back, some of these companies had taken hundreds of thousands of ringgit from unsuspecting victims,” Lau said.

He said despite numerous police reports against these companies, they still boldly carry out their operations, seemingly unaffected by the law.

“Because there were police reports, investigations should have been carried out. Yet we still see these companies recruiting members. We are not sure about the investigations, there was no charge in court, the police haven’t done anything despite police reports,” he said.

The company that the Datuk Seri is involved in is called Winner Dynasty and although a report has been made against the company, the assemblyman is concerned that the investigation may have fallen off the radar.

“The police report against the company was lodged on Nov 18 but since then, no investigation has been launched. What went wrong with the investigation? We hope there is no hanky-panky in the investigation,” Lau said.

The other companies on Lau’s list for the CCID are FB Coin GA, How Lian Global quality good, and Yayasan PBI Sedunia , the last of which was on the CCID list of companies police are investigating.

Lau said he had brought up the matter to Amar when they met a month ago.

“But at that point, no police reports had been lodged (against the company), and Amar insisted that there must be a police report before action could be taken.

“I subsequently lodged a report, but I was informed that my report will not be investigated because I am not a victim, even though I gave them the information,” Lau said.

Fortunately, an actual victim had approached him and recounted that he had invested 5,000 renminbi in the company in March or April.

The victim was persuaded to lodge a police report, but since the report was lodged on Nov 18, the complainant has not been called in by the police to have his statement recorded.

According to Lau, the victim had access to the “water-tight chatroom”, made available to investors in the company, and hence would know that the company was still in business.

Reportedly, members are recruited through WeChat, the messaging app popular with Chinese nationals.

Lau also said the investors would make cash payments through agents in the country.

“From the complainants’ information, we were informed that these companies are still recruiting new members,” he said.

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