Power Tussle in DPMM

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Members accuse president of abusing funds allocated by the government while the president accuses members of holding illegal EGM

Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (DPMM) president Rizal Faris Mohideen Abdul Kadir said a rival faction tried to oust him through an invalid extraordinary general meeting (EGM).

He slammed a decision to remove him from the Malay business body as the work of “rogue members”, following an EGM called by 18 members who accused him of abusing funds allocated by the government.

In a suit filed two months ago by 18 members, including Syed Hussein, Rizal was accused of spending RM5 million allocated to DPMM by the Prime Minister’s Office in May 2018.

They said the money was not deposited into the chamber’s account, but was instead channeled into Yayasan DPMM Pulau Pinang Berhad’s account without approval.

They also claimed RM1 million was credited to DPMM from a company known as “Redberry” and Rizal had decided to use the money for an election campaign, without prior approval from the chamber.

Rizal today urged members not to believe “rumours and accusations” against him.

“Please have faith in the rule of law, our constitution and due process,” he said.

He said the bid to oust him had complicated his plans to rejuvenate the chamber, adding that it was his focus after being elected as president last year.

“My agenda has been to stop the toxic politics that had stunted the organisation for the last few decades and reform the Chamber as a credible and reliable partner to the Government in developing our nation.

“This kind of toxic power politics has resulted in members losing sight of the Chamber’s primary purpose: to uplift the community of Malay entrepreneurs and businesses,” he said.

Rizal issued a statement to say the EGM violated DPMM’s constitution.

The matter was also brought to the High Court, which ruled yesterday that the matter be decided internally by DPMM’s executive council.