Sg Siput MP Denies Sexually Harassing Woman, Claims He Was the One Harassed

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Sungai Siput MP Kesavan Subramaniam says he is the MP accused of sexual harassment by a woman who claims to be his former aide.

However, the PKR lawmaker has denied the allegations, alleging it was the woman who had first made advances towards him instead.

Kesavan, in a statement today (May 18), claimed that he became depressed after the woman attempted to call him numerous times and threatened to humiliate him, as well as tried to ruin his marriage since a month and a half ago.


This prompted him to lodge a report against her early this month after he consulted PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli, he said.

“Since a month and a half ago, she started to call me numerous times every day. She also complained to other PKR leaders such as Rafizi because I had distanced myself (from her).

“She had threatened to expose a recording to humiliate me and told me to ‘go die’,” he said.

Kesavan did not elaborate on the recording.

He claimed that the woman had also verbally assaulted an MIC politician last year through a phone call.

“If it’s true that I had sexually harassed her, why was she still trying to call me numerous times until early this month? She had also called my wife,” he said.

Kesavan also pointed out that the woman is not his aide but a volunteer who had helped in his political campaign.

He said he was contacted by the woman two years ago when she offered to be a volunteer when he was the Hutan Melintang state assemblyman in Perak.

“When I became the MP for Sungai Siput, she told me that she wanted to assist me as a volunteer.

“She is said to be a lawyer and offered her help to prevent the move of phantom voters into my area. I accepted her to be my volunteer just like any other volunteers who help political parties,” he said.

According to Kesavan, the woman was married with children and claimed to be close with Perak MIC chairman Datuk V Elango, who was running for the seat at the time as well.

“At that time, she behaved like a friend to my wife and me… She even invited my wife and I to go on a holiday with her in Melaka,” he added.

Kesavan said that after he became the Sungai Siput MP in May last year, the woman expressed her wish to help him voluntarily although she has a family in Puchong.

However, Kesavan claimed the woman began calling him on the phone every day and would get angry with him if he did not answer her calls.

 “After a while, the frequency of her phone calls increased to 10 times a day. If I didn’t answer, she would get angry. When I answered, she would go on talking for more than an hour.  

“Then, she began to get involved in my household affairs, spreading rumours among my wife’s colleagues that tarnished our marriage.”

Kesavan claimed that by September last year, it was clear that the woman was smitten with him.

“In September 2018, I began to feel uneasy with the woman’s behaviour,” he said.

He alleged that this was the time that the woman “changed from a person who wanted to be a friend, to a person who began to have feelings for me”.

“Things got difficult when she interfered with the work at my service centre in Sungai Siput. She wanted to have several employees sacked and scolded me when I refused to do so.

“Several months ago, she had claimed to be my special aide. She contacted government officers and gave instructions using my name,” he said.

The woman had also insisted on being provided with a pass so she could follow him to Parliament sittings, Kesavan claimed.

“I wrote a letter to the Parliament’s security management to allow her to enter the building. She used that letter to claim that I appointed her as my aide.”

Kesavan added that he will give his statement to the police and cooperate fully in the investigation, including handing over the evidence that the woman had disturbed and threatened him in a bid to ruin his marriage.

“I am happy with my wife and I don’t plan to get involved in any relationship which could affect my marriage. I am ready to face the slander against me.”

Kesavan revealed that he and his wife had made a record of the woman’s messages.

He said he did not want to raise the issue before as he felt sorry for the woman.

He also said he was happily married and would not jeopardise it by having an affair.

His explanation comes in wake of a police report lodged by a woman, claiming that the MP had sexually harassed her.

In her report, she claimed that Kesavan had addressed her with endearment and even showed her the Kamasutra – an ancient Indian text on sexuality and eroticism as well as other pornographic images.

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