Truly Tall Tales

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No one wants to be taken for a ride? Some do, seriously, and with their eyes wide opened, too.

  • Victims of investments scams – greedy not gullible
  • Bottom line of perpetrators of scams and hoaxes – profits
  • Not regulatory legislation but change in people’s mindset 

Meet some of the investors of the collapsing money games who themselves call the schemes “scams” and most of the others who admit they knew of the high risk of losing their money. They were not gullible, just plain greedy. They were not led but willingly dashed down the proverbial garden path themselves, lest they miss out on the “golden” money-making opportunities. They had their fingers tightly crossed that they wouldn’t end up broke and looking foolish – sadly, they did, on both counts.

Similarly, you would think that people are so bone weary of fake news that they’ll treat even slightly dubious stories with suspicion and obviously tall tales with ridicule. Again, there are some who just thrive on stories too sensational to be true and race to be first in spreading them among their social circle.

Take the astounding headlines of these recent news items:

Woman Charged After Making Cheating Husband ‘Eat His Own Genitals’ 

The story was published by the Florida Sun Post, the Alabama Observer and the Mississippi Herald – all containing near verbatim content, with the location varying between each iteration. All three publications are known purveyors of fake news. 

Jackson Husband & Wife Shocked After DNA Test Reveals They Are Biological Twins

Picked up by major media outlets in the US and UK, this hoax by the Mississippi Herald hoax was widely circulated.

New Zealand Tourist Dies After Trying to Take ‘Alligator Selfie’ in Pensacola

Again by the Florida Sun Post, this article duped even news outlets.


Whether it is questionable investment schemes or fake news, why they even exist is because there is a demand for them and the bottom line for the perpetrators is profits.

As long as people subscribe to a “get-rich-quick” mentality and relish sensational news – especially if it is from the media, which to their minds must be true – then scams and hoaxes will prevail.

To avoid being suckers forever, it’s not regulatory legislation that needs to be in place but a change in people’s mindset.