Voice 370: Probe if MH370 Records Falsified

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The government has been urged to investigate the possibility that records related to MH370 have been falsified or omitted.

In an open letter to the government today, Voice 370 – a support group for MH370 next-of-kin – said Malaysia should be more open to sharing MH370-related information with other international governments, bodies and agencies.

“This is to allow a complete and thorough review to take place,” it said.

The group urged the government to include three items as part of its agenda in the next 100 days, namely:

A comprehensive review of all matters related to the disappearance of MH370, especially the release of all relevant documents such as the full cargo manifest;

An investigation into any possible falsification and/or elimination of records related to MH370 and its maintenance; and

A further investigation and inquiry into any act or omission across the entire spectrum of operations that might have impaired tracking, search, rescue and recovery of the plane.

“We also call upon the government to engage us in ongoing dialogues and consultations regarding the search and investigation into MH370, and on issues related to the well-being of the families, especially if the current search bears no fruit,” it said.

In congratulating the new government, Voice 370 said it drew comfort that many leaders of Pakatan Harapan have been strong advocates and constant supporters and sympathisers of the group and the #SearchOn campaign over the last four years.

“Thank you for everything you have done for us thus far and we hope to hear from you soon,” it said.

MH370, which was carrying 239 passengers and crew on board, went missing from the radar on March 8, 2014, while en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

Friends and families of victims of the missing flight had on numerous occasions voiced their displeasure at the way investigation was being conducted. – The Sun