Wedding Planner Willing to Meet Couples Seeking Refunds

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ZurinJundi Wedding Planner Services says it is willing to meet with customers who demanded refunds on their deposits, claiming they had been cheated.

The founder and owner of the wedding boutique that had come under public scrutiny for its alleged financial woes said she was ready to personally meet with disgruntled customers and provide an explanation to them.

Zurina Ahmad Jundi, 35, was accompanied by a team of lawyers at a press conference today.

One of her lawyers, Muhamad Akmal Arif Shamsul Kahar, said his client, who had established the company in 2007, was also prepared to discuss if the couples wanted to get back their deposits or proceed with their wedding plans.

He added that the couples could not be labelled as victims of an alleged scam just yet.

“Based on police reports, a majority of the couples had signed up for future services. When this matter went viral, they felt threatened and lost their trust, resulting in them wanting their deposits back from ZurinJundi,” Akmal Arif said.

“We want to stress that they are not victims. My client is not out to cheat them and claims of her trying to do so are untrue. Such allegations sensationalised by irresponsible parties have negatively impacted my client.

“It is unfair to her and she has no intention to cheat anyone. Why would she want to ruin a couple’s wedding day?

“My client can be contacted 24-hours after the end of this press conference,” he added.

Akmal Arif also said that Zurina offered her apologies and expressed her readiness to compensate several of her clients who were not satisfied with the catering services offered in the past by making periodical payments.

The lawyer further revealed that Zurina had instructed him to initiate civil action against several individuals associated with ZurinJundi as they were believed to have sabotaged the company and misappropriated funds.

He said the civil lawsuit for defamation, negligence and damage claims was expected to start next week.

Zurina, who was alleged to have cheated more than 100 couples of close to RM500,000, was arrested by the Klang Selatan district police headquarters on Aug 30 after a report was filed against her.

She was remanded for two days to assist in investigations and released on Sept 1. However, she was re-arrested by the Shah Alam police after another four reports were lodged. An application for remand was requested but denied and she was freed after six hours in police custody.

An investigation paper (IP) was opened and it is expected to be submitted to the deputy public prosecutor’s office this week.

Many couples had swarmed the ZurinJundi Boutique in Section 7 last Wednesday in a bid to recover their deposits. However, Zurina did not show up and the crowd dispersed.