Zuraida Doesn’t Think Travel Agency’s Suing Azmin Is Political

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PKR vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin does not believe that there is a political element in a travel agency’s lawsuit against party deputy president Azmin Ali.

It is said that:

  • the travel agency owner is a close ally of Anwar Ibrahim
  • police arrested the owner’s son on July 19 over the sex video that implicated Azmin

“If I understand (correctly), the son of the owner (of the travel agency) is (said to be) one of those detained by the police over the (sex) video.

“(I think) it is just a coincidence. I don’t think there is a relationship (between the lawsuit) and that issue,” Zuraida told reporters today in Putrajaya.

Zuraida was responding to a question on speculation online that the lawsuit by YHA Travel & Tour to claim RM328,901 in travel booking fees from Azmin had a political angle.

Several political Facebook pages and blogs had accused the owner of YHA Travel & Tour of being a close ally of Anwar Ibrahim.

Some also alleged that the owner’s son was arrested by police on July 19 over the sex video that implicated Azmin. Of the 11 people arrested over the video, no one has faced charges yet.

Asked if she believed the suit was designed to damage the cabinet or Pakatan Harapan’s image, Zuraida replied in the negative.

She believed that the travel agency probably discovered the payment lapse recently and was trying to recover the funds.

“I think it’s just business […] Probably Azmin overlooked this. He is prepared to pay. So, there is no issue,” she said.

Zuraida spoke to reporters after the pre-launch ceremony for an affordable housing project involving 12 developers.

The 12 developers will be offering homes at RM300,000 and below from March 2020 onwards. The project will not involve government-held land. – Malaysiakini