A Catchy Song by Controversial Namewee Transcends Global Borders

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Three artists from three countries sing the same tune.

  • Original song surpassed 28m views
  • Cover version more than 17m views

Namewee, who hails from the South, is no stranger to controversy. Love him, hate him, the music video of his latest song ‘Stranger in the North‘, which was released on YouTube on Mar 4, has already garnered more than 28 million views. In fact, it broke a million views within the first two days.

Stranger in the North‘, which describes the life of migrant workers in Beijing, was produced and composed by Namewee, best known as a rapper. The song, which has an infectious tune, features Asian Pop King Wang Leehom.

Singaporean Boon Hui Lu did a commendable cover version, with her music video already chalking up more than 17 million views on YouTube.

Consider this: a Chinese-American superstar based in Taiwan does the vocals, a multitalented Malaysian from Muar does the rap portion and a beautiful Singaporean handles both all by herself. That’s what you call a song that transcends global borders.