Daredevil vs Scaredy Cat on Crazy Vertigo-Inducing Bridge

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A hilarious video shows a bold woman fearlessly charging across a vertigo-inducing ladder bridge before being followed by a screaming shaking ‘big baby’ who has to crawl over it.

A bridge crossing in China gives adrenaline-junkies the ultimate thrill with a serious vertigo-inducing challenge.

The red-painted steel bridge has no railing, glass or safety net to protect from falling in between the rungs. The only thing that lies between crossers and the canyon floor is a zip line.

In a video, two adventurers crossing the bridge produced hilariously different reactions.

A young woman took on the challenge first, striding across the ladder bridge that connected two mountain ledges with confidence.

She stepped boldly onto the bridge and walked like she would on any other bridge. She showed no sign of nerves and her knees never gave in to the fright of the height.

She stood up the entire way, her eyes glued to the ladder to step on each rung.

But vertigo eventually hit her near the end of the ladder where she paused for a moment, swayed slightly and stared into the massive depth of the canyons below her.

A breath later, she collected herself and made it safely across, all within a matter of seconds.

The next bridge crosser, however, could barely keep his head held high – literally.

The young man succumbed to fear and a case of the shakes right after his first step, and he began to yelp and shake uncontrollably in fear.

He pushed on, screaming “This is too tall! I’m so scared!” with every single step.

By the third rung, he abandoned efforts to walk upright and sunk to his knees, crawling across the bridge the rest of the way.

At one point, he gained an ounce of confidence and began to rise but realised he acted too hastily and went right back down.

The man hilariously never stopped screaming and swearing and at the end sped up his crawl to get the challenge over with.