Jackie Chan Nearly Drowns While Filming

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The set of Chinese action movie, Vanguard, was rocked by a terrifying turn of events when its lead, legendary actor Jackie Chan, nearly drowned while filming an action scene.

The incident, caught on tape, began with Chan, 66, riding a jetski with co-star Miya Muqi.

Things took an unexpected turn when they hit a small rocky embankment, flipping the jetski over and sending them into the water.

Muqi immediately resurfaced. But for some 45 seconds, Chan was nowhere to be found.

The crew rushed to their side and frantically searched for Chan. Moments later, he was pulled out of the water, alive and unharmed.

“I also don’t remember what happened, but it was like there was a divine power helping me,” he said in a clip recalling the incident (translation by 8 Days).

“I pushed the jet ski out of the way, and the current pushed me out of the water.”

After coming out of the water, Chan was smiling and talking animatedly about what had happened.

He also recalled seeing Vanguard director Stanley Tong in tears.

Chan proceeded to comfort him and the other film crew who were shaken by the incident. – The Star