The Internet Is Reacting to This Hilarious Video on the Singapore Family Feud

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Having a laugh at the antics of Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong and siblings Wei Ling and Hsien Yang over their family feud.

Known for its colourful sarcasm and candid reactions to world events, TomoNews US produced and recently released a satirical video on the famous Singapore family feud over the family house at Oxley Road, and the Internet is already reacting to it.

With an animation team based in Taiwan, they produce videos using wacky, exaggerated 3D animation.

The site focuses on creating entertainment by taking satirical digs at current events from around the world, with their latest target being the Oxley Road saga.

If you have not been following the news on the family dispute which saw the teary-eyed Singapore PM in Parliament last week delivering an emotional ministerial statement, this slightly under two minutes video is an easy way to learn what the fuss has been without having to digest lengthy news reports.