New Film Starring Heath Ledger

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No, you didn’t read the headline wrong. A film titled I Am Heath Ledger has just been released.

  • A documentary featuring homemade videos captured by Ledger himself
  • Celebrities Naomi Watts, Djimon Hounsou, Ang Lee reminisce about Ledger
  • Candid footage shot in private offers glimpses of intimate moments of Ledger’s life
  • The Joker killed Ledger theory debunked

Almost a decade ago, the world mourned the tragic death of Heath Ledger from an accidental overdose of prescription medications, including painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills. Like any sudden death of a celebrity adored by the masses, countless conspiracy theories on his early demise were propounded.

Famous for his role in Brokeback Mountain and widely considered to be the greatest actor of his generation, Heath Ledger stars in a recently released documentary titled I Am Heath Ledger.

The film features homemade videos captured by the late actor himself and interviews with family members, colleagues and friends, including celebrities Naomi Watts, Djimon Hounsou and Ang Lee as well as relatively unknown loved ones such as his mother, father and sisters. Noticeably absent were his daughter Matilda and ex-partner Michelle Williams.

I Am Heath Ledger contains a lot of candid footage shot in private, offering glimpses of intimate moments of his life.

Photography Passion

From his childhood in Perth, Australia, to the final days before his death, Ledger was rarely spotted without a camera in hand, documenting many moments throughout his life.

Ardent Music Video Director

Ledger’s photography skills lead to motion picture gigs behind the lens. He directed music videos for artists such as Ben Harper, Grace Woodroofe and N’fa. He and his director friend, Matt Amato, had a small music and film production company.


Ledger’s insomnia was widely known and sometimes he got as little as a couple of hours sleep a night. He often made calls and visits to family members, co-workers and friends at unorthodox hours, usually unannounced. People close to Ledger revealed how his hyperactive energy and restless creative mind were the main factors behind his insomnia.

Mentor Mel Gibson 

When he was 19, Ledger landed a role alongside his idol, fellow Aussie resident Mel Gibson, in The Patriot. Gibson took Ledger under his wing, guiding his acting method throughout the film. The veteran actor even invited Ledger to join him on his private plane back to Los Angeles.

The Joker Didn’t Kill Him

It was widely speculated that The Joker killed Ledger – that playing the insane and self-destructive character in The Dark Knight, Ledger’s last film, left him with severe mental trauma, driving him to his death. It was considered to be his best role and one that earned him a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. However, various interviewees said that he had the most fun he had ever experienced playing The Joker and had been in seemingly good spirits once the film was completed.

A must-see for Ledger fans, I Am Heath Ledger premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Apr 23. The Ledger family will attend the Australian premiere on May 9 in Perth. As for Malaysian fans, it’s anyone’s guess if the film will be released here.