FB Live Murder-Suicide of Baby and Thai Man

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Sickening broadcast on Facebook Live

  • Outrage over evil clips
  • Man kills daughter and takes his own life in Phuket
  • Paranoia about wife leaving him and not loving him
  • Two videos with more than 370k views in 24 hours
  • Footage showed the father tying rope around the baby’s neck and dropping her from rooftop
  • Precisely the kind of harrowing footage Mark Zuckerberg had vowed to keep away from FB

In yet another gruesome broadcast of a grisly crime on Facebook Live, a man in Phuket filmed himself killing his child and then himself.

Police on the popular resort island said they were alerted to the video by friends of the man and rushed to an abandoned hotel near the international airport on Monday afternoon. The man, 20-year-old Wuttisan Wongtalay, had hung himself and his daughter. The duo had already died when police arrived. A smartphone was found propped up against a wall.

The man had previously argued with the mother of the murdered child, 11-month-old Natalie. According to police, he had felt neglected by his wife. The police officer in charge of the case, Jullaus Suvannin, told Reuters: “He was having the paranoia about his wife leaving him and not loving him.”

The distraught mother, Jiranuch Triratana, has claimed both bodies from the local hospital.

She told Reuters that she had lived with Wuttisan for over a year. At first, the relationship had gone well, she said, but then he grew violent and sometimes hit her five-year-son from a previous husband.

“I was afraid he would hurt our daughter even though he loved her,” she said.

Two videos of the murder-suicide were posted on the man’s Facebook. The first was uploaded on Monday at 0950 GMT and the second seven minutes later.

The first video had drawn 112,000 views by mid-afternoon on Tuesday, while the second video showed 258,000 views. They were taken down late this afternoon.

Those who saw the appalling footage said Wuttisan tied a rope to his daughter’s neck before dropping the child, nicknamed Beta, from the rooftop of the deserted hotel. She was dressed in a bright pink dress. The man’s suicide was not broadcast but his lifeless body was found beside his daughter.

Thai netizens voiced outrage about the clips.

“This is the most evil clip I’ve seen in my life,” said one user, Avada Teeraponkoon. “I couldn’t stand it for more than one second.”

“How can he watch his own child stop breathing?” said another, Rujirek Polglang. “He should have just died alone.”

The killing was the first in Thailand known to be broadcast on Facebook Live. It came just days after Mark Zuckerberg vowed to keep Facebook from being used to propagate harrowing acts like murder and suicide.