Swooning over the New President’s Bodyguard

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Already known to be a shy man, South Korea’s newly-elected president is being overshadowed by his bodyguard with heartthrob looks.

  • Steely eyes and chiselled jaw melting hearts online
  • Officer of elite front-line squad, defending the South from the North

Until now, the world’s most dashing bodyguard was Kevin Costner, who played the role of protecting Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard – but that was a film and Choi Young-jae is for real.

Reuters/Kim Kyunghoon

It appears that the Internet has fallen head over heels for President Moon Jae-in’s bodyguard, a 36-year-old South Korean special forces office with steely eyes and chiselled jaw.

Choi is also an officer in South Korea’s Special Warfare Command, an elite unit on the frontline of defending the country from its neighbour, North Korea.

Sadly, the President’s office said the handsome bodyguard is married with two daughters.

The Qoo

Chances of Choi blending in with the crowd and not appearing too conspicuous in carrying out his duties are almost nil. Melting hearts online, he would be the face that swooning fans would be looking out for.

Already social media is viewing Choi as a romantic lead in a film, ready to spring into action to pluck a heroine that captures his heart out of harm’s way!

The Korea Times has suggested that President Moon may be deliberately hiring ‘good-looking professionals’ in order to create an attractive public face for the new administration. He can’t be that shy as to prefer the limelight to be on his bodyguards than him!