The Voice of an Angel Taking the World by Storm

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A review says it all: “If angels could sing, they would sound like Dimash!”

  • The makings of a mega star – awesome talent, stage presence, good looks
  • Amazing five-octave vocal range
  • Sings in 6 languages
  • Accomplished composer and musician
  • Meteoric rise with more than three million fans from China alone, 1.4 billion views on Weibo 

Previously unknown outside Russian-speaking countries, a young singer from Kazakhstan has struck a major chord with Chinese nationals and is rapidly drawing the attention of the rest of the world.

Good-looking, with appealing Asian-Caucasian features, Dimash Kudaibergen boasts of an amazing five-octave vocal range. He sings in Kazakh, Russian, Mandarin, French, Italian and English.

Dimash was invited to take part in this year’s Singer, a Chinese TV show for established performers. At 22, he was the youngest contestant, taking on formidable, seasoned opponents like Sandy Lam from Hong Kong, Teresa Carpio from the Philippines and Terry Lin from Taiwan.

He won the Best Asian Popular Singer in the Top Music Awards, China’s version of the Grammys, even before the conclusion of Singer 2017, which Sandy Lam won, with Dimash emerging second.

After his debut in Singer 2017, Di Ma Xi – as the Chinese call him – gained more than three million Chinese fans almost overnight. He has also garnered 1.4 billion views on Weibo.

Dimash sang for President Xi Jinping during the Chinese leader’s state visit to Kazakhstan in 2015.

His phenomenal popularity in China has made his countrymen even prouder. On the streets of Aktobe, where he was born, huge photos of the singing sensation hang on the walls of many buildings.

Chinese fans have flocked to visit the Kazakhstan National Academy of Arts, where Dimash studies. The academy set up a large LED TV in the open air, so people could watch Singer.

Dimash’s parents are famous singers. He started singing at the age of five and is also an accomplished composer and musician on the piano, drums and the dombra, a traditional Kazakh folk lute.

He is in his element with ballads and operatic numbers that allow him to unleash the full prowess of his vocals and has great stage presence to boot.

Listen to Dimash perform ‘SOS d’un Terrien en détresse‘ (‘SOS of a Man in Distress’), delivering an unearthly rendition of a song much loved in France, in eight different voices!