Jackie Chan’s Estranged Daughter in Suicide Bid?

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More trouble for unhappy teen in tumultuous relationships

  • Etta Ng hospitalised after cutting short holiday in Thailand
  • Had shared about depression and suicide on social media
  • Claims and denials on financial support from Jackie Chan
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Following our Mar 31 feature on Etta Ng and her mother, there have been further disturbing developments in the saga of the troubled duo who recently made the news when the daughter had reported her mother to the police – the second time in two years – which saw her arrested on suspicion of criminal intimidation.

The illegitimate daughter of actor Jackie Chan, Etta was hospitalised on Apr 2, fuelling rumours that she had attempted suicide. Her mother did not exactly quash the speculation when met by reporters outside the hospital. According to Ming Pao Daily News, she said that Etta was not feeling well and that they were waiting for the doctor’s report. It is understood that Etta cut short a holiday in Thailand with her mother’s friends to return to Hong Kong and was immediately admitted to a hospital upon her arrival.

Before she left for her trip, Etta had posted on Facebook: “Leaving HK for a bit tmr – I’m still alive for those who are wondering” and a status update stating that she was “feeling stressed”.

Citing Internet users, Ming Pao said Etta had shared articles about depression and suicide on social media last year.

On Mar 30, Elaine Ng had clarified at a press conference that her arrest for what has been described as “a domestic incident” had arisen from a dispute she had with her daughter over a packet of sedatives she had seen in Etta’s room, which the girl insisted she had not used.

Elaine’s friend and lawyer, Mary Jean Reimer said: “The daughter is unhappy. We don’t know the source of her unhappiness.”

She also clarified Elaine’s financial situation, dispelling a rumour that Etta’s half-brother, actor Jaycee Chan, paid for the Ngs’ home in Tai Hang, Hong Kong. In 2015, Ng was in dire straights when she was fired from her radio hosting job after her first arrest. Apparently, Mary Jean had a middleman reach out to Jackie Chan for a lifeline, but to no avail. “The answer was: ‘Don’t expect to get a cent'”, she said.

Later, a Buddhist charity helped Elaine, according to Mary Jean. Elaine also borrowed money from her to pay off debts and redeem her late mother’s home in Shanghai so that she could sell it and buy her Tai Hang property.

The lawyer said rumours that Etta had received financial support from her biological father were unfair to her mother.

Speaking to reporters at a charity dinner on Apr 1, movie producer Tiffany Chen spoke up for Jackie Chan, saying her friend is a man of affection who has cried over his love child many times.

Tiffany said it was Elaine who put Jackie and his wife in a dilemma, reported Ming Pao. “Someone was determined to give birth. Etta is the most innocent, most pitiful one because she had no choice. Her mummy had a choice.”

Tiffany said she did not know about Ng’s financial difficulties, but added: “When Etta is big enough, 21, I believe Jackie Chan will give Etta money, but not her mummy.”

Whether the tensions between the troubled teen and equally troubled mother will ease or the tempestuous relationship will lead to more disaster is left to be seen. The adults involved may be hurting, but what’s for sure is the victim is the girl who is suffering for the sins of her parents.

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