Woman Claims Son Sold Children to Feed Drug Addiction

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Man Tai Hoh, 70, claimed that her drug addict son sold off three of his four children to buy drugs.

The elderly woman from Larkin alleged that her son has two children, aged seven and nine, with his ex-wife and another two children, aged five and six, with his current girlfriend, The Star reported.

According to Man, her son sold her eldest grandson off when he was only eight months old to a transgender person.

“My seven-year-old grandson was abandoned by his mother at my doorstep when he was about three-months-old and I have been raising him since.

“The remaining two children were also sold off by my son to fuel his lifestyle and he has, on various occasions, visited me and threatened to take away the child under my care,” she said.

Man said she is very concerned that her son might return and one day also sell off the remaining grandson.

She lodged police reports in 2011, 2014 and 2016, alleging her son’s actions.

“I hope somebody can help me as I am already so old and have health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems.

The Star

“I am afraid that when I am gone one day, my grandson will suffer the same fate as his other siblings,” she said.

Man said she receives RM300 monthly from the Welfare Department which is not enough for them to make ends meet as her grandson is studying in a Chinese vernacular school.