‘World’s Best Boyfriend’ Plays the Nicest Girlfriend Prank

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Putting boyfriends to shame, BC Serna won over the Internet with the nicest prank ever played on a girlfriend.

  • Refreshingly genuine 
  • The most “epic day” in girlfriend’s life
  • Random acts of kindness secretly filmed

You’ll be spoilt for choices looking for videos on pranks people play. Some are mildly amusing, some a big yawn, and yet some are silly or even downright stupid.

What filmmaker BC Serna did in playing a prank on his model girlfriend in the nicest of ways is so refreshingly genuine that he won over the Internet.

Staging the prank in cahoots with his pals from YouTube channel Yes Theory, BC treated Taylor Saxelby to the most epic day of her life with seven random acts of kindness. Of course, it was all carried out without her knowledge.

To not spoil your viewing pleasure, it suffices to say that the surprises – which were showered by strangers – were all her favourite things, including a gift card for a store that she loves, a preferred dessert, a classy taxi ride, and the most adorable puppies.

YouTube/Yes Theory
YouTube/Yes Theory
YouTube/Yes Theory

Accompany Taylor was hr roommate Nicole, also a BC accomplice for the day. Through tracking Nicole’s movements on a location-sharing app called Zenly, BC could follow the girls while secretly filming with his team. To have all angles covered, Nicole captured her friend’s priceless reactions by vlogging their day.

As she encountered one delightful surprise after another, Taylor started to tear up, overwhelmed by the amazing day she was having.

YouTube/Yes Theory
YouTube/Yes Theory

“I was blown away every time. I felt so grateful and overwhelmed. My brain couldn’t comprehend anything quick enough before the next surprise happened!” she said.

BC’s kindness extends to his work. The filmmaker travels the world helping non-profits and charities to tell their stories.

He has been dubbed the ‘world’s best boyfriend’ for what he did to show his “love and appreciation” to his partner.

Is he every girl’s dream man? At least until somebody betters Mr Nice Guy’s sweet prank.

YouTube/Yes Theory