Now You Can Check if You Are on Travel Blacklist at KLIA Kiosks

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Check if you are one among some 800,000 on the travel blacklist before making your way to the immigration counter at KLIA.


Immigration Department director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali unveiled three new pre-read kiosks at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) today for Malaysians going out of the country to check their current immigration status before passing through passport control.

“There are now almost 800,000 Malaysians on the blacklist.

“If any of those blacklisted were to go to the immigration counter, for sure, they will be stuck there.

“With these kiosks, we are offering a public service so that they know about their status before going to passport control, and they can call the respective agencies (which have blacklisted them) to solve their issues,” he told the media.He revealed that 790,186 Malaysians were blacklisted by various agencies, among them 447,890 who failed to service their PTPTN loans for tertiary education.

Others on the blacklist were 138,028 individuals blacklisted by the Malaysia Department of Insolvency, 107,884 by the Inland Revenue Board, 7,024 by the Employees Provident Fund, 6,091 by the Customs Department, and 1,543 by the Immigration Department.

The kiosks will also be available in KLIA2 in the near future.