Passengers on SIA Plane Complain of Rude Cabin Staff on Stuffy Plane

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They claim the air-conditioning in the plane was not working for three hours but they were not allowed to get down from the jet.

Claims of:

  • Racism, rude cabin crew
  • Crew threatened to call cops to arrest passengers
  • Passengers becoming dizzy and throwing up

Passengers who wanted to get down from the plane told they would have to get on a flight two days later and won’t be compensated

Singapore Airlines (SIA), which has won many world awards for its service, is taking a hit following allegations of rude and poor service by passengers to India on its flight.

Channel News Asia reported that SIA was taking seriously the claims of “racism” and rude cabin crew.

Flight SQ516 was delayed by almost three hours last Friday due to “technical issues on the ground”, said an SIA spokesperson.

A passenger, Chandni Doulatramani, described her horrifying experience while on board a flight from Singapore to Kolkata on Facebook.

She claimed passengers were kept prisoners for three hours in the plane although it had no air-conditioning.

This resulted in passengers becoming dizzy and throwing up.

Chandni claimed the pilot kept assuring passengers the air-conditioning would be repaired within minutes but it took three hours.

She also said passengers who wanted to get down from the plane were told they would then have to get on a flight two days later and won’t compensate them.

“When we confronted the cabin crew, they had no answers, rudely shut us up, and threatened to call the cops to arrest us,” she said in the post on Tuesday.

She said among the passengers were a pregnant lady as well as senior citizens.

Chandni added that SIA did nothing to ease the passengers’ discomfort.

“They refused us cold water and drinks until much later when we gathered around the pantry demanding for fizzy drinks to feel better.”

SIA responded to the allegations, saying: “We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers on board.

“With regards to the online post, we take these claims seriously and will be looking into them thoroughly.” – FMT