Best Paying Jobs in Malaysia This Year

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Based on a report by online career-recruiting company Jobstreet, the highest paying jobs in the country for 2017 are in the engineering, IT and healthcare industries, while the lowest are in the hotel and restaurant, training and human resources sectors.


Highest Paying

  • Engineering
  • Computer/IT
  • Healthcare

Lowest Paying

  • Hotel/Restaurant
  • Education/Training
  • Admin/HR

Highest Salaries

Entry Level

  • Engineering, Construction – RM5,533
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Business Management Consulting – RM5,100
  • IT – RM4,600

Junior Executive

  • IT, Banking & Financial – RM6,500
  • Healthcare Retail, Merchandise – RM5,950
  • IT, Chemical – RM5,182

Senior Executive

  • Science, Oil & Gas – RM28,250
  • Healthcare Grooming, Beauty, Fitness – RM15,167
  • Engineering Consulting RM11,333


  • Construction, Oil & Gas – RM15,611
  • Accounting, Jewellery – RM14,500
  • Engineering, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – RM14,500

Senior Manager

  • Administration, Human Resources, Construction, Engineering – RM35,000
  • Healthcare Services – RM27,500
  • Semiconductor – RM27,500

Average Monthly Salary in Malaysia

  • Minimum – RM800
  • Median – RM5,000
  • Maximum – RM83,333

Other Findings

  • 6 out of 10 employees in Malaysia plan to switch jobs for better salary or benefit packages
  • However, 40% stay with their current employer because of work-life balance
  • 38% stay because of their salary package
  • 40% of employees in Malaysia received average of 3% to 6% salary increment

Interesting Observations

  • Although the hotel and restaurant industries offered among the highest salaries for entry-level positions, it is also the worst-paying industry overall.
  • Lower level positions in certain industries offered higher salaries compared to management-level jobs; for instance, the salary of a senior executive position in the oil and gas industry is higher than jobs in the managerial role.
  • Geography is a factor that influences pay levels for a given job. In general, salaries are higher in the central region such as Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

  • However, the same job can offer different salaries depending on the location, such as the semiconductor industry in East Malaysia, which rakes in RM27,500 a month on average in senior managerial roles.

You can find out more from Jobstreet’s 2017 Salary Report.