28,800 unvaccinated civil servants to get show-cause letters

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Approximately 28,800 unvaccinated civil servants will be issued with show-cause letters to explain why they failed to complete the Covid-19 immunisation.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Special Functions) Abdul Latiff Ahmad (PN-Mersing) revealed this to the Dewan Rakyat following a Public Service Department (PSD) circular which compels civil servants to get their vaccination before Nov 1.

“According to PSD and Crisis Response and Preparedness Centre (CPRC), those who still decline or have not been vaccinated are about 1.8 percent out of the 1.6 million civil servants,” Latiff said during a question-and-answer session today.

“Today is Nov 10, just 10 days after the ruling came to force on Nov 1. As such, disciplinary action has yet to be taken.”

Any disciplinary action against civil servants will be taken according to the process under the civil service, he added.

“Firstly, the department heads will issue the show cause letters and those who decline (to get their shots) will be given 21 days to explain.

“(If the response) is not satisfactory, a domestic inquiry committee and a disciplinary committee will be set up for further action,” he told Chan Foong Hin (Harapan-Kota Kinabalu).

Risk salary and promotion freeze

Latiff said the civil servants risk salary and promotion freeze if they are found in breach of discipline.

Chan asked about the number of civil servants who refused or yet to be vaccinated and how many of them have been referred for disciplinary action.

On Sept 30, the PSD made it mandatory for civil servants to get vaccinated which must be completed by Nov 1, 2021.

Based on the PSD statement, nearly 98 percent of the civil servants have been vaccinated.

The decision was made to boost public confidence and ensure smooth delivery of public services to the people, in line with efforts to restore the government’s services to a fully operational level based on the phases of the National Recovery Plan (NRP).