Aliff and Bella Reconciled

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Aliff admits his mistake, clarifies on the alleged assault of his wife.

Singer and actor Aliff Aziz, who recently sparked a social media storm over his alleged assault of his wife Bella Astillah, has made peace with her.

Aliff Aziz, 26, admitted his mistake in going out with his ‘Izinkan Aku Mencintaimu’ drama co-star, Afifah Nasir, to a karaoke centre in an outing, which he admitted was not work related.

He made the admission at a press conference flanked by family members and friends yesterday.

The fight took place after Bella had gone to the karaoke centre in Taman Shamelin, Cheras, with her mother to look for Aliff on Thursday.

An argument broke out between the couple after Bella discovered that Aliff was in a karaoke room with Afifah.

“I admit my mistake in going out with another woman and for hurting my wife. I was aware of what I was doing at the time of the incident.

“I am man enough to admit this mistake and I do not want this to happen again. This will the first and the last.

“I have apologised to Bella and her family for what had happened. Bella has forgiven me but I understand that even with a million apologies, it would not be easy to fix the hurt I have caused to her,” said Aliff.


Aliff said despite the incident, Bella remained a good and responsible wife who had stood by him even when everyone was against him.

“It has been a very emotional period for Bella and I. I had this chance for self-realisation that it is not easy to find a good wife,” he said.

After stating his admission, Aliff called on Afifah to do the same in a bid to clear up the matter once and for all.

He said this was because only those who were involved in the incident truly knew what had transpired.

Asked about his relationship with Afifah and his feelings towards her, Aliff said he was only answerable to Bella and telling it bears no significance and would not do any good.

“However, I will remain professional in my career and I want to continue shooting the drama with Afifah which has four to five days left of production,” he said.

“I would like to clarify that I am not a ‘kaki pukul’ as reported. I did not hit her. Even in the police report, Bella did not say such a thing. Being caught in a struggle and being hit are two different things,” Aliff added.

Bella also denied that Aliff had assaulted and thrown a phone at her during the incident.

“There was a scuffle between us at that time and I was unaware of the injuries until I got out of the karaoke centre. I was not assaulted as viraled and I was disappointed at reading such news,” Bella said.

Aliff was released on police bail on Saturday. The next day, Bella withdrew the police report made against him on Friday.

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