The Aliff Aziz Scandal

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Singapore singer Aliff Aziz detained for allegedly assaulting his wife at a karaoke centre after she had caught him with another woman.

The protagonists in the drama:

Aliff Aziz

  • Allegedly grab wife’s phone and deleted incriminating photos
  • Stormed out of karaoke with the woman
  • Arrested for allegedly assaulting wife, freed on police bail
  • Married Bella in Sep 2016
  • Punched hotel employee in 2014
  • Previously hauled to court for stealing two mobile phones

Bella Astillah

  • Caught husband with another woman in a karaoke room
  • Sought medical treatment for bruises
  • Lodged police report
  • Gave birth to first child 3 weeks ago, still in confinement
  • Spoke in an interview that she knew of her husband’s relationship with the woman when she was pregnant

Afifah Nasir

  • Alleged to be the woman with Aliff in karaoke room
  • Appears in drama series Izinkan Aku Mencintaikau with Aliff

Anzalna Nasir

  • Elder sister of Afifah
  • Alleged that Bella suffering from Postpartum depression
  • Condemned for allegedly defending sister

It is learnt that Aliff’s wife, 23-year-old Bella Astillah went to the karaoke centre in Taman Shamelin with her mother at about 4.30pm on Thursday to look for him.

When she found him with another woman in one of the karaoke rooms, an argument broke out between the couple.

Bella took pictures of her husband and the other woman using a smartphone, which led to a scuffle between the husband and wife.

The 26-year-old singer, who has been based in Kuala Lumpur since 2011, managed to grab the phone and deleted the photos.

He then allegedly stormed out of the room with the other woman, leaving the wife with bruises on her face and knees.

She later sought treatment at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre before lodging a police report.

Aliff was arrested at about 2am on Friday, Kuala Lumpur CID chief Senior Asst Comm Rusdi Mohd Isa said. He was freed on police bail today. The case will be referred to the deputy public prosecutor for futher action, police said.

Aliff and Bella married in September 2016.


The couple welcomed their first born just three weeks ago and Bella is still in confinement.


Aliff had a somewhat “bad boy” image. In 2014, he was detained for punching a Malaysian hotel employee. On another occasion, he was summoned to court for stealing two mobile phones.

CCTV footage from the karaoke centre purportedly of Aliff and a woman holding hands and walking towards a karaoke room has gone viral. The video ends with a woman, believed to be Bella, entering a room and saying, “What are you doing?”

Social media has been buzzing that the woman with Aliff was Afifah Nasir, the sister of actress Anzalna Nasir.


Anzalna triggered a major outcry on social media, alleging that Bella was suffering from Postpartum depression, viewed as in defence of her sister against Bella’s reaction to finding Afifah with Aliff.

Both sisters were forced to disable their Instagram comments after a barrage of condemnation from the public.

Aliff and Afifah are involved in the drama series Izinkan Aku Mencintaikau (Let Me Love You).

In an interview, Bella claimed she had known of Aliff and Afifah’s relationship when she was in the eighth month of her pregnancy but she had forgiven them during the month of Ramadhan.