Alleged Two-Time “Road Bully” Charged with Causing Mischief

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A road rage video that went viral lands a motorist in trouble.

City police chief Comm Datuk Amar Singh said in a statement that the incident on Jalan Pahang was caused by the two men being intolerant and losing their temper on the road, The Star reported.

“It was a small matter which could have been settled amicably.

“Both did not want to give way and ended up scraping their vehicles against each other,” the KL police chief comm said on Wednesday.

Simren Singh, 27, who was labelled as a “road bully” after being involved in two incidents which went viral on social media, claimed trial to a charge of causing mischief at the Kuala Lumpur Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Aizuddin Saad/NST

He made headlines after two videos of him “confronting” the other motorists involved in the incidents were circulated on social media.

Telling his side of the story on Jul 18, he said that on both occasions, it was his car that was rammed from behind by the other motorists.

In the first incident which was said to have occurred in January, Simren claimed a luxury sedan hit his four-wheel drive from behind.

In the second incident, which is believed to have taken place at about 12.45pm on Jul 13, Simren said he was hit from behind again while he was heading towards Jalan Genting Klang.

The charge today was in connection with the second incident.

In the charge, he was alleged to have reversed his car into another car belonging to Mohd Kamil Mokhtar.

Simren, a first-year law student who is also pursuing a diploma in real estate, claimed trial to the charge under section 427 of the Penal Code, which is punishable by a jail term of between one and five years or a fine, or both.

The magistrate granted RM2,000 bail and fixed Aug 9 for mention.

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