Annuar slammed over visit, lunch at Pak Lah’s home

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Breaching SOPs for the third time.

Federal territories minister Annuar Musa has become the subject of ridicule and anger among netizens after he posted on social media that he had paid a visit to former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at his house and had lunch with him today.

Visiting is not allowed under the current lockdown SOPs.

Further, Kuala Lumpur is still under Phase 1 of the national recovery plan (NRP). Under this phase, social activities such as gatherings and visiting are not allowed, unless for emergency purposes.

In a now-deleted Twitter post, Annuar said he and his wife visited the former prime minister, better known as Pak Lah, at his residence in Kuala Lumpur.

The Ketereh MP added that they spent two hours together and even had lunch cooked by Pak Lah’s wife, Jeanne Abdullah.

“Today, we as husband and wife had the chance to visit Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Jeane Abdullah at their residence at Bait Badawi, Kuala Lumpur.

Art Chen/The Star

“We spent more than two hours with him and had lunch cooked by Jeane. May Allah always blesses Pak Lah’s whole family,” he tweeted.

Among others, Twitter users criticised Annuar for allegedly flouting the SOPs and doing things that ordinary Malaysians are barred from doing.

Twitter user @ForABetterMy wrote: “I thought we cannot visit houses? I haven’t seen my family in months. I guess if ministers (can) do that, we can do (it), too.”

Another user @khairzawawi said: “Just resign.”

Aziz@MrFocus said: “It’s okay even if you sleep there. If we visit, we are caught. Damn!”

Several netizens replied with a screen capture of the SOP which stated that house visits were not allowed.

“Even if you’re not smart, at least be a good example,” said one Twitter user.

Others lamented that they had not seen their family for a long time and asked if they, too, could visit their parents.

“It’s been almost two years. You can have Raya family pictures while some of the rest cannot. This is unfair,” another Twitter user said.

Another Twitter user said: “You’re fortunate to be able to go visiting. For others, they have not been able to visit their parents and siblings.

“Since you’re talking about lunch, have you visited your constituency? Do the people there have enough to eat?”

In January, Annuar also generated controversy when he was seen jogging with two others from a different household.

He later claimed to have met the two others by coincidence.

In February, he was also caught having a meal with a group of people even though dine-in was banned during the lockdown.