Anwar Rubbishes Talk of Teaming Up to Form Islamic State

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PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has denied his party was in talks with Umno and PAS to form an Islamic government.

He labelled such speculation as the talk of madmen.

“People who think this way are either mad or have evil minds,” he said.

“We fought hard. I was beaten half to death for fighting to change the system. What is the point for me now to conspire in that manner?” Anwar was quoted as saying by The Malaysian Insight (TMI).

Word has been circulating that PKR, which has 49 parliamentarians, was working to form a pact with Umno (54 parliamentarians) and PAS (18 parliamentarians) to set the country up as an Islamic state.

This was meant to counter the many non-Muslim parliamentarians in Pakatan Harapan, the rumours said.


Anwar said: “It’s not just Umno. There are clusters within Pakatan Harapan, old elements who are afraid of change.

“If it was from Umno, I’m not surprised. It is baseless.” 

– Malaysiakini