Anwar Says Not Right to Blame DAP for Country’s Problems

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PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has come to the defence of DAP, which he described as being blamed for the country’s problems.

Speaking at the Federal Territories PKR convention today, he said many Malay groups were used to pinning the blame on non-Malays, particularly the Chinese, and ultimately end up criticising DAP.

Similarly, congresses would turn into DAP-bashing events, according to the Port Dickson parliamentarian.

“I want to tell you here, if you have any basis, I have no problem for you to criticise DAP. But if you make them a target to show that the problems of the country are being caused by DAP, then it is not right,” he said.

“This is against my principle as a Muslim. (The principle) is peace and just. What is religion without love and compassion? When talk about religion, you just hate and oppress the others, and everything is the fault of the others and they were caused by DAP and others,” he said.

“Many places I went, the people there told me, ‘Anwar, you are good, but the problem is you are too close with that (DAP)’. Yes, many told me that,” he said.

“But I am not apologetic. (Instead) I make enemies with the robbers, murderers and those who oppress the people,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said there is a need for the government and Pakatan Harapan leaders to address the concern raised by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng that the party had fallen victim to the “deep state”.

“I think it is an issue of concern and the parties and government leaders have been alerted,” he said.

“I think there is a need to explain (these issues) to reduce suspicions and misperceptions,” he said.

In his statement yesterday, Lim said ongoing attempts by the authorities to target DAP for links to a defunct terrorist group and spreading communist propaganda had led to party leaders questioning if they were victims of a “deep state”. – Malaysiakini