Anxiety grows for woman accusing “Datuk Seri” dad of sexual assault, as police await orders from AGC

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It has been nearly two months since a 20-year-old woman went to the police and accused her own father of sexually assaulting her, but prosecutors have yet to press criminal charges against the man who is said to be a “Datuk Seri” and owns several commercial properties.

When Malay Mail sought to find out what happened to the case, police said the investigation paper had been sent to the Attorney General Chambers (AGC) and that they were waiting for further instructions on the next course of action.

Ahmad Zamzahuri

“The investigation paper is still with the deputy public prosecutors,” Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigations Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Saiful Annuar Yusoff said of the latest developments when contacted.

The young woman first went to the Dang Wangi police headquarters on January 14 and filed a report against her father, claiming he had sexually assaulted her five days earlier at her home.

According to the 20-year-old, it was not the first time; the sexual and physical assaults had been ongoing for roughly 10 years.

Following her police complaint, her father, in his 50s, was arrested at his home in the capital city. He was remanded for two days and then released on police bail.

City police chief Commissioner Datuk Saiful Azly Kamaruddin told reporters on January 26 that the investigation was completed and had been submitted to the AGC for the next course of action.

Saiful Annuar told Malay Mail that no charges have been arraigned against the father since his release from police custody. The KL CID chief declined comment on the possible hold-up when asked further.

After waiting days and seeing no legal action, the young woman turned to social media where she detailed her experiences and sought the public’s help to encourage authorities to expedite the matter.

She claimed her father was an influential person who could get any case against him dropped.

In one posting on Instagram, she even alleged that her father had the capability of snuffing out her life.

“The reason why I need this to go viral is because he’s well-influenced enough to drop this case and make this as nothing…and I need to live in fear of what would happen to me and those who’re helping me for the rest of my life.

“Because my father is capable of doing anything and by anything, I mean literally anything, even killing me…because that’s how important his name is to him.

“I’m not asking for much guys…just a share button or tagging the right authorities for this case would do…I’m beyond helpless at this point,” she wrote.

In a subsequent post, she included a cropped copy of the police report she had filed against her father and detailed what she went through at his hands. She claimed she had confided in her mother but was met with disbelief.

She claimed that if she rejected her father’s advances or messages, he would deny her and her siblings access to their daily necessities.