Azmin’s ‘Big Secret’ Poem Ignites Facebook Bards

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Senior Minister Azmin Ali today alluded that he and Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin have been keeping a “big secret” and left clues in a three-verse pantun (Malay poem) as to what it was.

The first two verses suggested that the country was under an immediate threat from a dragon, presumably a reference to Covid-19 and that there was no such thing as the “Sheraton Move”.

The final verse then suggested that Azmin and Muhyiddin decided to work together to save Malaysia in what he termed as a langkah kanan (strategic move).

Both Azmin and Muhyiddin were key figures in the fall of the Pakatan Harapan administration in February in what is now commonly called the “Sheraton Move”.

On Feb 23, a group of then PKR MPs led by Azmin held a celebratory dinner at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya for Bersatu MPs and MPs from then opposition parties.

These MPs would eventually form the current Perikatan Nasional government.

Within three hours of Azmin posting the poem on his Facebook page, he had received close to 1,000 comments.

A significant number of replies contained poems which emulated the phrasing and tone of Azmin’s pantun, with some making reference to a sex video controversy which allegedly occurred in Sandakan, Sabah.

Although Azmin was tied to the controversy, police investigations have concluded that no one would be prosecuted for now as individuals in the video could not be positively identified.

Other Facebook poets responded to Azmin by describing the “Sheraton Move” as an act of treachery against voters who supported him and Harapan during the last general election.

Azmin and nine other MPs loyal to him had recently joined Bersatu which Muhyiddin leads.

Their entry is expected to change the very fabric of Bersatu because Azmin’s followers are multiethnic, prompting speculation that the party would pivot towards multiracialism. – Malaysiakini