Bersatu Leaders Quit Party, Declare Support for Dr Mahathir.

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Jeram state assemblyman Mohd Shaid Rosli, who is also Bersatu Kuala Selangor Division chief, today announced he has quit the party with immediate effect.

Twenty-one Bersatu Kuala Selangor Division committee members also made the decision to leave the party.

He also announced that he is now an independent state lawmaker aligned to Dr Mahathir.

“As the assemblyman elected by the constituents in Jeram, I am responsible for the mandate and trust given to me.

Yusof Mat Isa

“As such I will remain with those who had given me the mandate until they make a new decision in the next general election, ” he said today.

Shaid said, following his announcement to leave the party, 13 Bersatu Kuala Selangor branches, involving over 2,000 members, were automatically dissolved.

Asked whether his move to leave Bersatu was to join the new party formed by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Shaid said he was willing to consider if the party really does exist.

“There is a big possibility for me and Bersatu Kuala Selangor Division members to join the party,” he said.


“We feel the party’s struggle has deviated from its original objectives, namely the fight against a kleptocratic government as well as its struggle for the Malays,” he added.

Shaid said he made the decision after finding that Bersatu was working with individuals who were rejected by the people in the last General Election (GE).

He also claimed that the party leadership did not get the views of the grassroots before deciding to form a new cooperation under Perikatan Nasional (PN).

“Most grassroots members do not accept the decision made by the party’s Supreme Leadership Council (MPT),” he said.

He accused party president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin of being behind the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) federal administration, claiming it was the latter who pulled Bersatu out of the coalition.

He also believed that it will be very difficult for Bersatu to form a coalition with Umno and PAS as all three are pure Malay-based parties.

Shaid predicted there will be a tussle for the Malay-majority seats, which could lead to backstabbing among the three heading into the general election.

He said he will remain as the Jeram state assemblyman who received the people’s mandate in the last election.

“I, as the assemblyman elected by the people in Jeram, am responsible for the mandate and trust given. So, I will remain with those who had given me the mandate until they make a decision in the next GE,” he said.

In the 14the General Election, Shaid wrested the traditional Barisan Nasional (BN)/Umno seat by a 1,191-vote majority beating Zahar Azlan Arifin of BN and Mohd Noor Mohd Shahar of PAS.

Meanwhile, two more Bersatu leaders have quit the party, taking their supporters with them, and throwing their support behind Dr Mahathir.

Bersatu supreme council member Abdul Kadir Jasin kicked off the exodus by leaving the party on August 6.

Supreme council member Tariq Ismail Mustafa said Bersatu under Muhyiddin Yassin’s leadership has deviated from its real struggle.

Tariq said he quit the party to support Dr Mahathir in combating corruption.

“We must by necessity take the path less travelled and that is beset with obstacles and thorns, suitably reflecting our struggle of dignity and integrity.

“The ends do not justify the means, particularly so as we aspire to greater heights for our people and our country.


“On this basis, and due to my personal beliefs, I hereby resign from the party effective immediately,” he said.

Yesterday, Dr Mahathir announced the formation of a new party which is not aligned to either Pakatan Harapan (PH) or the Perikatan Nasional (PN).

The Selangor state assembly has 56 seats with the Pakatan Harapan coalition having 41 seats namely PKR (17), DAP (16) and Amanah (eight), while Barisan Nasional (five), PAS (one), Bersatu (five) and Independent (four).