Civil servants to contribute from allowance RM30m to Covid-19 fund

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Chief secretary to the government Mohd Zuki Ali has announced that civil servants will contribute a fixed sum to the National Disaster Relief Trust Fund and that the cumulative figure is expected to be around RM30 million.

In a statement on his Facebook, Zuki said the contributions will come from deductions from about 800,000 civil servants from almost all grades from their fixed entertainment allowances (ITK) and other allowances.

He added that the deductions will be in place for three months.

“The contribution is expected to be about RM30 million,” he said.


A sliding scale will be applied with those under the Grade A category set to contribute 50 percent of their allowances while those under Grades B and C will contribute 20 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

Civil servants from Grade 44 to 56 will contribute five percent of their allowances while those from Grade 29 to 41 will give RM10 from their allowances.

The deduction is, however, exempted for those on duty as frontliners and those from grades 1 to grades 28.