Clumsy Woman Destroys $200K Worth of Art Taking Selfie

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CCTV footage of art installations tumbling like dominoes after a woman stumbled while posing for a photo in a swanky Los Angeles gallery.

Three of artist Simon Birch’s sculptures were “permanently damaged” due to the mishap at The 14th Factory gallery.

The real-time video from the art gallery showing the destruction had the Internet bemused and art lovers in despair.

However, cynics thought it might be a stunt or even a piece of art itself created to get Birch some publicity for his World in Disorder exhibition.The general public destroying art by mistake is nothing new though.

In 2015, a 12-year-old boy stumbled and used a $1.5 million Paolo Porpora painting to break his fall in Taipei.

To make matters worse, he was holding a soft drink in his hand, which went through the canvas. The 17th-century oil painting called Flowers was exhibited at a Leonardo da Vinci show.

And though it was not in a gallery, who can forget the worst art restoration project of all time when an elderly Spanish woman admitted disfiguring a century-old “ecce homo’ fresco in 2012. You’ve got to watch the hilarious video.