CMCO: Public Transport Capacity Reduced to Half, Max 4 in a Private Vehicle

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All public transportation services can revert to their normal operating hours beginning tomorrow, although they are only allowed to operate at half the usual passenger capacity per ride.

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said this is to ensure social distancing is practised inside the vehicles, as the economy resumes to almost full operation tomorrow.

Shafwan Zaidon

“For example, if a bus can fit 40 passengers, only 20 will be allowed to ride at any one time. The same applies to train services. They can only carry half the usual passenger load.

“In fact, coaches will also be marked on the floor, like in lifts, for those who are standing,” he said in his daily press conference today.

Ismail added that the decision to allow public transportation services to revert to their standard operating hours was to cater to Malaysians who would be returning to work.

To ensure compliance in public transport vehicles, Ismail said the authorities would monitor the situation, including in other public areas, with more personnel to be assigned for this purpose.

“With roadblocks expected to be reduced, we will use our personnel, such as police, army and Rela, to monitor the transports and other public areas.

On the four-person-per-car rule, Ismail said the decision to allow this was because the issue of social distancing among family members does not arise, as they would have also lived and slept together in the same house.

“That is why are now allowing a maximum of four people in a vehicle, provided that they are from the same family, staying under one roof.

“I believe there will be those who will flout this rule and travel with their friends, among others. Let me warn that action will be taken against them,” he added. – The Sun Daily