Crackhouse’s Rizal lodges police report following death threats

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Comedian Rizal van Geyzel has lodged a police report following death threats to his wife and family.

Rizal is the co-founder of Crackhouse Comedy Club has been in the spotlight over a controversial stand-up comedy routine.

According to The Vibes, Rizal’s wife received threats – including profanities and warning that it is just the beginning – through her mobile number around 4.30am yesterday.

“I’ve received lots of threats before this – name calling, swear words, verbal abuse, etc – to the point I had to change my mobile number, but this is the first time this is directed at my family.


“One death threat was made previously but we didn’t make a police report as the issue was still ongoing,” Rizal was quoted as saying.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Crackhouse Comedy Club was vandalised by unknown individuals.

This incident took place just days after Rizal was detained and investigated for sedition, following the resurfacing of his own stand-up comedy routine where he performed in Tamil and allegedly insulted the Malays.