DAP to Use Warisan Logo in Sabah Polls

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In a move to present a united front, DAP will contest the upcoming Sabah election under a common logo, said Lim Guan Eng.

The DAP secretary-general said all its candidates will use the Parti Warisan Sabah logo as requested by its state unit.

“To restore the simple concept that ‘people’s power’ rule over ‘cash is king’, DAP has decided to use a common logo as requested by the state committee.

“This is a difficult decision for the party central executive committee.

Lim Huey Teng/Reuters

“Respecting the wishes of the state committee, our members and supporters in Sabah, I hereby announce that all DAP Sabah candidates will contest in the upcoming state election under the Warisan banner,” he said in a statement today.

Lim said the political stakes were high in the coming election, and Warisan Plus could not afford to lose the election.

In the last election, DAP contested under its rocket symbol and Warisan used its own logo.

The red and blue Warisan logo is a handshake set against a sailing boat.

Lim said only a united front could secure a major victory for its candidates and Warisan Plus, as well as sending a loud and unambiguous message that Sabah has no place for political treachery.

“We reject elected reps who can be bought with money. We must support elected reps who are accountable to voters,” he said.

Lim said Sabahans did not want a government consisting of political “frogs” who were bought with money and will only betray and rob the people of their rights and benefits.

“Sabah is now the hope for Malaysia, where the elected government can be the people’s protector, defender of democracy and justice, guardian against corruption and custodian of our children’s future,” he added. – TMI