Don’t form alliance with racist bigots, Baru tells GPS

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An assemblyman in Sarawak has urged Gabungan Parti Sarawak to reject any alliance with Perikatan Nasional and its component party PAS to form the next federal government, on grounds the parties were “racist bigots”.

Baru Bian, a former head of Sarawak PKR, said that MPs in the state must preserve the harmony that existed in Sarawak’s multiracial and multi-religious society.

He said “dangerous untruths” designed to incite Muslims against Christians were made in a recent statement attributed to PN chairman Muhyiddin Yassin, about purported attempts to Christianise Malaysia by Pakatan Harapan.


“Sarawak Christians reject this statement and we do not want (GPS chairman Abang Johari Openg) to partner with PN in any way or form,” said Baru in a statement.

Muhyiddin has since stated that his speech had been taken out of context by PN’s rivals to tarnish his image.

Baru also said PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has shown himself to be a “religious and racist bigot” after Hadi had blamed non-Muslims as being the root of corruption.

Baru said Sarawakians had not forgotten Hadi’s insulting remarks about Sarawak’s indigenuous people, referring to them as “ignorant cawat” loincloth-wearing voters.

“I call on all MPs in GPS to be vocal in rejecting PN and PAS,” said Baru, who is assemblyman for Ba’Kelalan. “Make a stand to the premier against partnering with racists and religious bigots,” he said.

Earlier today, FMT reported that GPS is said to be in discord over the coalition’s plans to work with PN to form the federal government, with party sources saying some were “fearful” of the prospect of working alongside PAS.

Yesterday, GPS chairman Abang Johari Openg had said GPS would join an alliance of PN, BN and Gabungan Rakyat Sabah to establish a government. BN has since said no talks had been held with GPS or PN.

BN leaders held a meeting in Kuala Lumpur today with leaders of PH. However, some Umno leaders have called for BN to be an opposition party and to let PH and PN form a coalition government. – FMT